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10-26-2003, 12:35 AM
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Senators Success Hurting Oilers

You know what's really pissing me off. The constant comparisons that's being thrown at Edmonton with Ottawa. The two organizations should never be compared. Unfortunately when you look at message boards on the Internet, that's exactly what's happening.

When Edmonton entered the league, they were forced to draft 21st overall. Basically, at that time that was last in the first round. The good thing about that year in 1979 was that year happened to be one of the strongest draft on record.

When the Senators entered the league in 1992, they were able to draft 2nd overall. the first five years the Senators were in the league, they drafted, 2, 1, 3, 1, 1 overall. In the Oilers first five years, they drafted 21, 6, 8 20, 19 overall.

The Senators have had 6 top 5 draft picks compared to the Oilers 1. That's right, they've had just 1 top 5 draft pick and 6 top 10 draft pick. To compare the Oilers drafting to the Senators is just wrong considering where the Senators drafted the first 5 years they were in the league compared to Oilers.

Another thing that may have hurt the Oilers is that they become so good so quick as an expansion team. They never had the chance to really draft high because of the early success of the team. That could be coming back to haunt them now.

I also believe the success of the Senators is hurting the Oilers. Fans see how successful the Senators are and start asking questions why the Oilers can't do the same. Remember, the Senators were a pretty bad team for about 5 years before they turned the corner and were able to have high draft picks. The Oilers never had that chance because of the early success of the organization.

Another thing that I believe that isn't fair is the amount of flak that this team has been getting since 2000. It seems to be getting worser and worser each year. We're all fans and have the right to be critical when the team doesn't perform. But does that really mean that we have to criticize the team after they lose until the next game.

I admit that it's hard for me to be critical of the team as I've been following them since the WHA and the Oilers had a lot worser teams and weren't criticized as much as this year. I get frustrated as much as anybody but I love this team too much. I started cheering for them in my mid-teens.

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