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Originally Posted by neofury View Post
He's a Calder trophy winner, has played in the all star game and not because he was voted in either, has had 4 x 70+ point seasons, 4 x ~60pt seasons. He has one bad season playing with a plug and suddenly it's more acceptable around these parts to just assume a 32 year old vet who has always played at around the ~60pt level or greater is suddenly going to fall off... than it is to just assume he'll bounce back after having ONE bad season?

I don't disagree about your assessment of the fact that he won't carry a team by himself. But for starters I won't forget a 2x cup + 1 x calder trophy + all star appearances and all the stats I just linked. Secondly I won't just assume because he had one bad season that he'll never bounce back, is washed up, blah blah blah.

I never put an unrealistic expectation on Gomez. Saying Gomez will bounce back isn't an unrealistic expectation. Saying he won't bounce back is imo. Sorry but 9 seasons versus 1... nuff said really.

Not to mention in his career he's played for the all star team 4x... is that not an all star caliber player having played half of his prime on the all star team? Again not saying he's going to put up 80 points carry the team etc but he's done enough in his career to merit calling him a star. He's also a top 6 forward in the NHL no matter how much the haters keep referencing one season and a salary.
I accept your stats but you listed them so many times that it has become overkill, it makes your argument sound desperate and they lose their impact. I kinda figured out after the first sentence.

You try to make it sound like I did say he'd carry the team, be an 80pt guy and is capable of carrying a line or something. I've said nothing even close to that this entire thread,
I don't think is insinuated that, and if I did it wasn't meant that way. I was trying to say that your comments might raise expectations that others have for Gomez this year. I would be happy with 55 points.

in fact I even stated some of the fault was Gomez after losing confidence he definitely looked like **** out there. But people are saying he's still playing like that now which he isn't.
We don't know how Gomez is playing now against NHL competition. Hopefully he will build upon what he has accomplished in the preseason.

Gomez doesn't need to change his game his game has worked for the better part of a decade.
Even Gomez said he needed to change his game last year. Why would you disagree?

Gomez needs a winger who isn't a 4th liner. Again not saying it isn't partly his fault, 38 points is abysmal, just saying he's the type of player that if given the right circumstances can be a huge part of our success and 60 points isn't even out of the question.
Gomez struggled with 1st and 2nd line players as well as fourth line players. He didn't play the whole year with fourth line players. Having said that, I think the line of Pacioretty, Gomez and Gionta has lot of potential.


Bottom line is that if Gomez returns to 55-60 point form he's at the top of what 2nd liners should produce.
You are absolutely right. I agree 100%.

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