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Originally Posted by PuckBoy33 View Post
Agreed. The old slip on a banana peel skit is classic slapstick comedy. Anyone who makes the connection between a banana and apes/monkeys is perhaps himself racist for thinking such things. Just sayin'
In the South, some people put up a Confederate flag to symbolize their "heritage." The flag represents different things to different people. To some people it reflects a view of history (the war was about "State's Rights", yeah the right of people in a state to own slaves). It represents subjugation, bigotry and all sorts of bad things to African Americans.
You can go back in history and dig up a lot of references of bananas being used to taunt or ridicule Blacks. To think that this guy was carrying a banana in his pocket for, what, his potassium level or something , shows the immaturity of a lot of people on this board. Slip on a banana field my Aunt Fanny.
If you are not from this country don't bloviate about racism, because believe me, as bad as it is here, it is worse in most of the rest of the world.
And for those of you in North America who think that a banana is just a banana, buy a book on US history, particularly a social history from say, 1865 through 1965 and then report back to me with what you learned.
We should shut this thread.

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