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10-26-2003, 02:08 AM
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Originally Posted by momentai
Couple of questions here. I cannot fathom your reasoning here. What does it matter when both teams entered the league? When people are comparing the franchises, they are comparing the current rosters and what it took to get the club to its current position.

In 1993 the Oilers took Jason Arnott 7th overall.

In 1994 with the 4th and 6th picks overall, the Oilers selected Jason Bonsignore and Ryan Smyth

In 1995 with the 6th overall pick the Oilers selected Steve Kelly

In 1996 with the 6th overall pick the Oilers selected Boyd Devereaux

As you said, Ottawa has had 5 top 5 picks in the club's infancy... which got the club started. When the Oilers were in much the same position sufferring from a lack of talent and success, the Oilers had 5 picks in the top 6. Those picks look pretty high to me in the draft.

It looks to me that with the likes of Ottawa drafting the likes of Berard (who turned into Redden eventually), Yashin (who turned into Chara and Spezza), Radek Bonk, and Chris Phillips fared a lot better.

But where the most glaring differences between the two clubs comes in the success of players drafted later than the first round...
1993 - 227 overall Pavol Demitra
1994 - 139 overall Daniel Alfredsson
1996 - 136 overall Andreas Dackell, 239 overall Sami Salo
1997 - 119 overall Magnus Arvedson, 229th overall Karel Rachunek

Ottawa's success has come from incredibly adept drafting, smart trades, and good coaching... something every "small market" team should look up to. Heck, they even pulled Patrick Lalime out of the woodwork as a free agent I believe.

And, yes, the Oilers should be included in wanting to follow that kind of model. Ottawa has some good young forwards and dmen... and when some of them become expensive, there's always a Havlat or a Spezza or a Volchenkov needing more icetime. It's the kind of stability the Oilers would love to have as an organization.

But let's face it... the Oiler don't have that. Why? I'll give you one guess. DRAFTING. And that is due in large part to Barry Fraser during his last years as a member of the Oiler organization. If 2 or 3 more of those top 6 picks turned out to be solid player like Ryan Smyth did, the club would be in a lot better position. I realize now that Prendergast and company are well on their way to rectifying that but the fact remains that those futile drafting years really set us back.

I think that is really the gist of the entire Ottawa/Edmonton franchise model comparisons. Hope this helped.

I can nearly guarantee you Oiler89 that everyone loves this team to death just as much as you do. But some people are willing to voice concerns over the direction of the organization whether they be rational or not. It is done because they do not want the Oiler to take a turn for the worst.. Whether or not you want to criticize the Oilers is up to you Oiler89 but the ones that do are no less of fans than you are.

P.S. I don't believe worser is a word in the English dictionary. :p
Very good post momentai.

Being from Ottawa, we had to endure very lean years as you all know. The Sens made some bone head moves as well. One of the good things Ottawa has done from almost the beginning was put money in "Research and Development", which is a phrase I heard one of the Kevins say during the summer.

IMO, when Sather was hear, the drafting didn't seem like if was a priority. Slats would rely on "stealing" prospects from other teams like he did with Weight and Marchant. Sather figured that good trades would make up for bad drafting.

As you stated, he Oilers have drafted as low as 4th overall, but mostly in the middle of the pack. The Sens have alot of players that were first overall, or second or third. They traded Ya$hin (2nd overall) for Spezza(1st).

Yes, they are both small-market teams, but how the current teams were built is not even comparable.

The comparison that will bug me is the Canadiens. Although they got crushed by the Sens last night, they are ahead of Edmonton IMO. It's only night games in the season, but if the Oilers don't turned things around, the Habs will win the Heritage classic.

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