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Originally Posted by Qui Gon Dave
With Innovative, are the higher flex numbers the more flexible sticks or not (im sure i remember reading somewhere that the numbers representing stick flex go the opposite direction to most brands).

Also, how have you found reliability/durability? I've heard reports that the Novius has great performance/feel, just not heard much about the rest of its attributes.
The higher the number, the more flex, for Inno sticks. I've heard they do their flex rating based on a "bow" in the stick. With a certain amount of pressure (on all their sticks) they measure how much of a bow it has and thats why the higher the number, the more the flex. I really liked my Novius. I had a 300 Kovy, which was great. Some people have had issues with it torquing a bit, and I did as well, which is why I unloaded it, but if you aren't "hard" on alot of sticks and tend to be a smoother shooter it shouldn't be much of a problem.

As to the Striaght Bladed Christians, not sure if they are available or not for retail, I know they have a fair bit of retail patterns, but they also start their custom orders at a minimum of 6, so thats an option as well.

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