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09-29-2011, 06:00 AM
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Originally Posted by phlocky View Post
He reminds me a lot of Powe but with better offensive abilities.

I remember how everyone here (ok, not EVERYONE but a lot of you) were falling all over yourselves about Powe and saying how he needed to be in our top 9 and some even wanted him as a regular top 6. Powe is a 4th liner and PKer who can fill-in on the top 9 when needed but he doesn't have the offensive abilities to be a consistant top 9 guy.

Right now Read is making a name for himself by hustling his butt off. Good for him, he's making himself a valuable asset to the team right now but lets not get ahead of ourselves. Right now he'd probably be best used as a 4th line PKer or on the 3rd line with our shut-down line (where he can use his "smarts" to stop the other teams top line). Remember, with the exception of them HAVING to jump up into the top 6 because of injuries, none of Richards, Carter, Giroux and JVR played in our top 6 as rookies and sorry but Read isn't anywhere close to the abilities of any of those 4. He'll be a bottom 6 guy for us for now and that's fine with me.
Originally Posted by Spongolium View Post
I completely disagree with everything you posted.

Read has proven that he is an offensive threat. His speed makes him a dangerous player on the ice, and looks to be a perfect linemate for a third offensive line in Schenn and Simmonds.
Appreciate both feedback...personally even if Read turned out to be another Powe i'd be happy with that. If he turns out to have more upside and possibly cracks Top 9, all the better. I'm not the kind of guy to count my chickens before they hatch...especially before they go in my puddin'....or something like that.

Kind of excited to see him for myself, I need to catch a game.

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