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Originally Posted by phlocky View Post
He reminds me a lot of Powe but with better offensive abilities.

I remember how everyone here (ok, not EVERYONE but a lot of you) were falling all over yourselves about Powe and saying how he needed to be in our top 9 and some even wanted him as a regular top 6. Powe is a 4th liner and PKer who can fill-in on the top 9 when needed but he doesn't have the offensive abilities to be a consistant top 9 guy.

Right now Read is making a name for himself by hustling his butt off. Good for him, he's making himself a valuable asset to the team right now but lets not get ahead of ourselves. Right now he'd probably be best used as a 4th line PKer or on the 3rd line with our shut-down line (where he can use his "smarts" to stop the other teams top line). Remember, with the exception of them HAVING to jump up into the top 6 because of injuries, none of Richards, Carter, Giroux and JVR played in our top 6 as rookies and sorry but Read isn't anywhere close to the abilities of any of those 4. He'll be a bottom 6 guy for us for now and that's fine with me.
I don't think it works comparing him to Powe at all. Other than that though, I pretty much agree with you.

Read came up pretty much noted for his offensive abilities having had that great finish to the last season up in Adirondack, but has shown so far that he has more to his game than that. He has been really solid on the pk and works well in all areas of the ice so far.

Powe, on the other hand, had 23 pts in a full AHL season before he made the Flyers (and a strong start to the next season, I'll admit) but stood out with his speed and energy. This was before my time on these boards, so I don't really know what was said about him at the time. I've always liked Powe though, and would've preferred to have seen him in the top 9 rather than someone like Carcillo, but I agree that he is a 4th liner who can step up if needed for a few games.

I agree that we shouldn't expect Read to be a top six player, and I'm still a bit sceptical about him being able to hold on for a full season.

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