Thread: Confirmed with Link: Montreal Signs Chris Campoli..1 year/1.75M
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09-29-2011, 08:35 AM
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Originally Posted by Fish on The Sand View Post
its extremely unlikely he would be suspended if he was playing here. He wouldn't have been in the same situation. Even still, I'd rather have Wisniewski for 74 games than Campoli for any number of games. Campoli is a guy that 29 other teams deemed non-nhl worthy and now we have him in our top 4.
The Chicago Blackhawks offered Campoli MORE than 1.7 million. He refused and won an almost 2.5 million award from the arbitrator. But heck what do Stan Bowman or some person both the NHL and NHLPA agreed was a fit judge of player compensation know about Campoli. He's a bust!. Also, as it happens he says, and I have no reason to call him a liar, that the Canadians were not the only team interested in signing him. But what's the difference between playing top miutes for the defending cup champ last year and being an NHL washout 29 other teams don't want? None, apparently.

As for being in our top 4, that's a result of injury. Wiz's team now has to bump someone up into their top 4 too, because he went out and earned himself a suspension. Your argument that he would never have behaved stupidly in Montreal is purely speculative. He felt the need to defend himself, is his story. Are you suggesting that in Montreal he would've felt better protected?

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