Thread: Confirmed with Link: Montreal Signs Chris Campoli..1 year/1.75M
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09-29-2011, 08:48 AM
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Originally Posted by THE HOFF View Post
getting Campoli means only one thing : Pierre Gauthier failed.

He failed by giving spacek that contract, which led to another mistake, letting hammer go.

he failed by trading 2nd rounders for capable guys, but the snobed them comes july 1rst . Its not only letting Hammer go, its also letting wiz go.

He failed by assuming he did not need to reinforce the Dman core thinking markov and gorges wouldnt suffer any setbacks.

And finally, he failed thinking that a yemelin would be able to play on nhl rinks overnight and that weber was ready.

Markov - Gorges
hammer- wiz
Gill - Subban

slice it all you want...this is the look our 2011-2012 Dcore should have looked like. with markov being remplaced by one of : yemelin, weber, diaz , ect ...

too many projects are penciled in the lineup at the moment, with campoli being useless rather have a young player making those mistakes than have campoli making them...

poor asset management, in my humble opinion
I don't understand for sure what this signing means but I guess we'll find out soon enough. I questioned all along who was going to step up offensively from the blueline. Last year the season ended with Subban, Wiz and Hamrlik all capable of providing offense. Weber did but moreso when he was moved to forward I think.

So this year the offensive plan seemingly has Subban replacing Subban's offense, Markov replacing Wiz (who was no slouch) and a question IMO as to who was going to replace Hamr's. Maybe it was going to be joint effort but now management sees it is going to be a disjointed effort? Worst case scenario is Markov is out once again and this move is reactionary?

Perhaps the Habs did contact Campoli earlier on but they also signed Woywitka since then. So were the Habs all along after both or signed Woywitka anticipating everything else falling into place. IMO something did happen to change some minds whether it was Markov, disappointing camps or whatever and this signing is reactionary.

Time will tell I guess but IMO it is possible that Gauthier failed or perhaps was misled but I don't necessarily think he failed in the sense you state. My biggest qualm was signing Gill instead of signing an all around d-man like Hamrlik mainly because of injuries to one of Markov and / or Subban.

Had it been Hamrlik for instance it would have meant an extra .75 approx on the cap and another year in term but I don't think that would have been a bad thing for next year with Spacek gone. Granted Hamr signed 3.5 in Wash but I don't want to assume he would have signed at the same rate in Montreal.

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