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Originally Posted by haveandare View Post
I'm seeing a lot of "it doesn't belong in the game" like comments regarding Avery. Thats your opinion and you're entitled to it but an opinion is all it is. I feel just as strongly that his style of play does belong in the game. Stalemate.

The "pest" or whatever you want to call it is a role that has a place in NHL hockey whether some fans like it or not. Avery is one of them. His goal isn't to go out and fight everyone that challenges him and become the next Voros or Weise - he's smarter than that. He looks to get under the oppositions skin and he does so very well sometimes.

You'd honestly rather have Sean fight everyone that wants to fight him than draw penalties? If so, this suggests some odd priorities. Do you want the team to win or do you want Sean to suffer? His drawing penalties helps the team. I guess he could drop them everytime a professional goon challenges him and get himself pounded like Voros who we all loved and respected so much - but that not only hurts Sean but it hurts the team. We need those PPs.

There's no rule that says you have to fight - goading people into dropping them and then not dropping them yourself actually does have a place int he game in the strictest definition in that it's allowed by the rules.

I want the Rangers to win. If Sean can help them do that, and I think he can - sign him up.
Good post. Some fans make it seem like Sean Avery is the first and only agitator to ever play the game. It's a role that existed long before he came in the league and will continue to exist after he exits the league. Any Rangers fan who remembers Esa Tikkanen knows that he did the exact same thing... he used his mouth instead of his fists to goad opponents into taking penalties. As far as agitators go, some of Sean's antics aren't even that bad. I mean, Jarko Ruutu bit Andrew Peters!

When it comes to Sean choosing not to fight certain players, he has the right to pick his battles. Last year, after Boogaard stopped playing, Prust assumed the role of heavyweight, even though he isn't one, and fought the likes of Boulton and got his butt kicked. I would prefer he didn't get into those fights because it's not a fair matchup and he runs the risk of injury. I'd rather Sean not turn into a punching bag, and if he did fight everyone who challenged him and lost, I have a feeling that the Avery detractors criticize him for that as well.

Also, this hasn't been talked about at all on this board, but Talbot turtled on Monday night against Deveaux. He probably did so because Deveaux is larger and he didn't want to get beat down. Of course, this flies under the radar and is acceptable because it doesn't involve Avery.

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