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Originally Posted by eco's bones View Post
In regard to Messier--Mark did the same thing to Mike Modano several years back that Matt Cooke did to Marc Savard or Mike Richards did to David Booth. Messier deliberately injured a number of players during his career. Would like to go even further though and say the same about Scott Stevens--since we've had a New Jersey poster earlier stirring the pot here. Further back into hockey history though--Gordie Howe for much of his career was considered the dirtiest player in the league. Rocket Richard would think nothing of two handing an opponent in the head.

Avery does not have a history of putting opponents in the hospital. Some of his detractors go more on hear say than they do actual fact. Avery has never been suspended for an on the ice incident. There may have been a discussion a couple times like last year when he suckered Smid but truthfully Smid wanted to fight and then took his eye off of Avery.

We can say that Avery isn't an 'honorable' player--whatever that means to whoever. So why would Messier, Howe, Richard, Stevens be considered 'honorable' then? Just because they're HOF'ers? Avery dives on occasion. Crosby dives quite a lot. Subban dives too. Malkin slew footed Mara in the playoffs on two separate occasions on the same shift. Our guy is public enemy No. 1--the others get a free pass and it's okay--they're bigger stars and I guess if you're a certain kind of Ranger fan you look to critique your own team and forget about everybody else. Doesn't work that way for me. A Flyer or a Devil's fan not liking Avery's game is a reason for me to like it. They can go piss up a rope.
That goes for some of the Rangers fans here as well.

There I said it.

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