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Originally Posted by wolfgaze View Post
Oh big deal, some fans have dissenting opinions about the various players on the team... Who cares? There's plenty of fans who don't care for MZA or MDZ and don't think they should be on the Rangers, and fans who didn't like Gilroy or Eminger or Drury... This is nothing new and no part of being a Ranger fan means you need to agree with the 'general consensus'... If anything is 'comical' about the situation, it's when fans get their panties in a bunch when other fans share dissenting opinions about their favorite players...
You mean, what you're doing in this post?

The difference with your example is that people dislike those players because of their perception on said players hockey ability.

Avery is disliked for a myriad of other reasons that have nothing to do with hockey. Cause if you're actually trying to make a hockey argument again Avery, there really isn't one as I mentioned in my above post.

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