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Originally Posted by wolfgaze View Post
I didn't imply you weren't being objective, and I said, quote "very few Ranger fans spoke out against those hits", as in the large majority of fans more or less were quiet about them.... Now if our guys were on the receiving end of those hits, our fans would be livid. Wouldn't you agree there's an obvious double standard at play when it involves our own players vs. other team's players? Crosby was allegedly the biggest crybaby diver in the league, but it was perfectly acceptable to most when Avery was guilty of the same diving and embellishment, but not a peep from our fan base?

Nope, just stuff that makes the players in the league despise him and vote him the most hated player in the league. Even the majority of the Stars team couldn't stand him, and that's saying a lot because those guys were teammates of his when he was with the organization... Even our players found a way to have an amicable relationship with Donald Brashear while he was a Ranger, even after all the crap he pulled against our team (sucker punches and general goonery).
Originally Posted by wolfgaze View Post
I'm not disputing what you said above, I'm making a point about the way Avery conducts himself out on the ice, the majority of the players in the league have no respect for him for a reason... The players like Kaleta & Cooke absolutely should be the most hated players in the game because they deliver dangerous hits that are worthy of suspensions, but instead, the players vote a guy like Avery instead... If that doesn't speak volumes about the reasons why players, coaches, and the refs have problems with Sean Avery and how he conducts himself out on the ice, I don't know what will.... The point is that he doesn't need to do any of the crap that garners him all the negative attention, to be an effective hockey player, and I'm not talking about trash-talking.... We know he can throw big hits, play hard, pot some occasional goals and create some plays..... He has **** for brains and **** for focus.... Just like last night when he doesn't know when to shut his yap and he goes and gets an unsportsmanlike penalty after previously drawing a penalty.... He's imploded and shot himself in the foot many times... He stated in an interview that he did things in Dallas to make the situation worse, once he felt alienated by the team...

Link Who does that to an organization deliberately, honestly? That's some juvenile crap.... Avery hasn't the slightest clue how to operate and conduct himself like a professional.... Can anyone tell me why Avery hasn't caught a clue and taken notes from Brandon Prust? Prust is all business, he plays hard, goes hard, does not shy away from scrums after the whistle, and drops the gloves and takes care of his business when he needs to... No skirmishes during warm-ups, no slapping goaltenders in the helmet with his stick behind the play, no diving, no embellishing, and no drawing the negative attention of the refs..... Prust is a respected member of this organization and he has the trust of the coaching staff.... Why is it that Avery can't trash talk AND play the game like Prust out on the ice? Oh yeah, Tortorella's leash

I've lost a lot of faith in Avery.... No doubt even if Glen Sather wanted to bring him back after his contract expired, he would undoubtedly ask for clearly more money than he's worth, burn his bridges, and find himself either out of the league, or playing for some bottom dwelling team that needs to reach the cap floor...

Subban can back up his antics with his play as a top 4 defenseman who contributes in multiple facets of the game.... Avery shows up once every 4-5 games and starts skirmishes during warm-ups?

I'd be quite p***ed off if that's how it played out.... You don't do that crap, plain and simple...
Originally Posted by wolfgaze View Post
So the rest of the players in the league hate him, a lot of coaches dislike him, the refs can't stand him, and the fans around the league hate him, but it's comical if any Ranger fans take issue with him?
I don't think you can answer the issue any better than the above. His behavior speaks volumes for anyone who wants to listen. Fans that have to go to such lengths to defend his behavior reveal more about who they are and what values (lack of) they have, more than anything else here.
Because you can identify with that behavior and can relate to it on some level makes it ok?

The epitome of his antics come in full view with the recent Simmonds incident. With all the garbage Avery spews at others he has the nerve to be "offended" by a slur made by Simmonds? On top of that, he has go public with it? He couldn't just leave it on the ice like Simmonds was, initially?
That's because it has to be about him and his agendas.

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