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Originally Posted by My Cat View Post
Right, I said that. So did you. Holland was better at what he does than DSP is at what he does. Let me put it another way:

What in DSP's play suggests to you that he's actually good at his role right now? Because unless you're suggesting that it's okay for bottom 6ers to be mediocre to bad at what they do, we disagree.
No, you said what they're good at doesn't matter. It absolutely does.

I'm a proponent of sending DSP down, so that question doesn't really apply to me. But from Anaheim's perspective? It's a lot easier for them to pencil in DSP on this roster than it is Holland. This is a huge oversimplification, but it comes down to this: Top six forwards score, and bottom six forwards grind. Anaheim sees more of the former in Holland, whereas this roster needs more of the latter.

On top of that, Anaheim also wants to be sure both players get the development they need. In DSP's case, with his toolset, that can happen on the 3rd line in the NHL just as easily as it could in the Major Juniors. The same can not be said of Holland. Being a #1 center in the AHL is probably better for Holland than being a #3 center in the NHL, at least until Anaheim feels like he has learned what he can in the AHL.

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