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Originally Posted by ruckus View Post
Okay for the millionth time, what part of this aren't you getting...Avery didn't run to the media to throw Simmonds under the bus. The media went running to HIM because ALL of them witnessed Simmonds calling him a ****ing ****** with their own eyes.

When have we ever had an instance where Sean ran to the media and brought stuff off the ice? Never. A player being caught doing something on VIDEO is not Sean Avery running to the media.

You really need to make stuff up to try and make your opinion sound better?

I also don't see any evidence of Avery being offended by what Simmonds said, and I think it's pretty obvious to most that him saying he's "disappointed" has more to do with the fact that someone like Simmonds, who just had a banana thrown at him a few days prior, sees nothing wrong with doing what he did.

"The fact is, he isn't as good a player as he used to be and it's reflected in his performance."

Would you kindly do me a favor and read my response to chosen where I provide the facts that you and him keep referring to. Do that, go season by season, and explain and show to all of us how your above comment is correct.

Cause I've already proven with the facts, that you're wrong.
When the media initially went to Simmonds he denied it and left it on ice. Your boy Aves couldn't do that, because he couldn't pass up the opportunity
to draw attention to himself. I never said Sean went to the media.
Honestly I couldn't care less about the comment Simmonds made, it's completely ridiculous in context. But's it's an issue because of you know who...

2009-10 11g/31p

2010-11 3g/24p

I don't need your stats. I watch the games. Oh wait I'm forgetting that Torts doesn't know how to use Avery, and that he's a PP specialist now...

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