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Originally Posted by Systemfel View Post
Frolunda's lineup:

Mika Pyorala — Mathis Olimb — Fredrik Pettersson
Jari Tolsa — Joel Lundqvist — Magnus Kahnberg
Toni Koivisto — Mikael Johansson — Nicklas Lasu
Anton Axelsson — P.J. Axelsson — Johan Sundstrom
Extra: Robin Lindqvist
Healthy scratch: Dragan Umicevic

Christian Backman — Henrik Tommernes
Patrick von Gunten — Pierre Johnsson
Fredrik Eriksson — Christoffer Persson
Extra: Viktor Svedberg

Starter: Frederik Andersen
Backup: Magnus Hellberg

Click for roster and player info

In the 80s, Frolunda and their home arena of Scandinavium was known as Vilda vδstern i.e. The Wild West due to their gun-and-gun style of offensive and physical hockey. Who were known to roam the Old West? Cowboys and Indians. Cowboys was deemed to "violent" in nature, so they went with Indians in '95.

A fan site and fan club for the team is called Wild West Support.

What, you're not even gonna get to watch the play, you said
2 things:

PJ Axelsson is a 4th line player in the SEL now!?!

And, that is a GREAT story about the team name.

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