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10-17-2005, 09:05 PM
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This was my favorite part of the interview......

Q. Just curious about the atmosphere in Nashville. Typically this time of year with football going strong, I'm curious as to how the fans there have welcomed the team back from the lockout. I'm sure the team's success helps. What are your perceptions of how the fans have welcomed you guys back?

STEVE SULLIVAN: It's been unbelievable. Ever since training camp started, I think our fans have come back probably bigger and stronger than it ever was before. I think Nashville took a huge hit during the lockout from the media, saying that ours was a market that might not be able to make it through a season, the lockout, and that our market might not be a very strong hockey market.

I think that they're wrong. I think the fans here love their hockey. I think we've had a couple home games with 16,000-plus fans. The word around the street, everyone's talking about the Predators. Yeah, we're excited because our community's excited and the fans are back. Even before the success of our early start here, the fans have been very, very helpful at coming back, and even in the preseason they've been to the games. We're really excited about this market.

Q. Have you gotten recognized when you're out doing stuff, grocery shopping or whatever, going out at all?

STEVE SULLIVAN: Ten times more than ever in Chicago.

Q. Seriously?

STEVE SULLIVAN: Seriously, yeah, absolutely. I think it's a very close-knit community here. Everywhere you go you get a tap on the back. They're such friendly people here. They just want to talk hockey. It's great.

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