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10-26-2003, 06:14 AM
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. Noronen...I don't think we need to trade him, but if we can get a good return for him, I'd definitely deal him. He had a bad year last year and hasn't been consistent at all since, but people seem to forget that he still has real value. We could probably get a pretty good player in return for him.

Noronen makes less sense to trade than Biron due to salary reasons. If my source is correct, he makes $550K compared with $2.2M for Biron. The Sabres are already a little over budget and would need to trade salary to afford a veteran stay-at-home defenseman. If Biron plays well enough to take the starting job, I think we should keep all three goaltenders for one more year.

I have to admit that I have done a complete reversal on Connolly. I'm remembering that he is only 22. Let him play a "rookie" season this year. Give him a conditioning assignment and some time on the 4th line this year. Connolly also gives Lindy an option when a top six forward is playing poorly.