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Originally Posted by ponder View Post
I've used Liquid Nails before, but not their "small projects" product, I used their "home repairs" product. Haven't used it for this specific purpose, but has generally worked great for me for plastics in general.

I had the same problem with a CCM V10 helmet, but it happened right after I bought it and the store just gave me a new one (which has held up), so never tried to repair it myself. Rbk/CCM (same company) make nice helmets, but they really gotta improve the glue they use, it blows.
yeah, had issues with my 6k and ended up getting rid of it in favor of a bauer 5100 for the vn, which surprisingly fit my head well.
but to be fair, i saw the same issues with a few bauer 9900's in a lhs that were brand new.

if i'd have known about the liquid nails thing back then, i'd probably still have my 6k.

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