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10-17-2005, 10:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Hockeylover
I have increased the speed of my shots by getting a shorter stick. It extends to my chin. I practiced shooting in a school backyard with a net. To avoid to ruin my stick, I put a slim piece of wood on which I put the ball. It works pretty well. Here are some observations: 1) The more power I'm trying to put on the shot, the less powerful it becomes. It is like in baseball when the hitter swings as hard as he can but does not touch the ball, or if he touches it, the ball does not go very far. It would seem that technique should be what you should be looking for rather than trying to put more power. In other words, don't try too much. I get quality shots (good speed and precision) with a gently swing. Not very impressive, but it goes in the direction of the net 2) I was told that I would get more power if I bend the knees. I did not find any value in that advice. Maybe I do it wrong. 3) I Get a more powerful shot when I keep the lower part of the stick as hard as I can, but keeping the arm and forearm relax. The wrist that on the lower part must be strong 4) The high shots that go over the net are the most powerful ones that I get. But what does it give if it misses the net? 5) I think the best thing is to aim at the center of the net. This way, if it misses the center by 2 feet horizontally or vertically, it will still be ON the net, whereas if you aim at a specific corner, your shot has much more chances to miss the net altogether, which is not necessarily a bad thing if your teamates get the rebound. The most important is that you shoot. No one will be blame for trying, but everyone will look at you in a bad eye if you don't even try. 6) Shooting on the move is hard because if you don't stop the ball, it is either too far or not close enough of you. I tried some breakaway at full speed imagining a goalie, slowed down, stopped and took a slap shot. My God, the ball does not leave the floor. I tried over and over again until I had the idea to try it in slow-motion to see exactly what happened. I stopped just before shooting to find out the position of the ball and the position of my body. The ball was waaaaaaaay too far in front of me. I kept that position and shot. I had no power whatsover on the ball. As my body is concerned, I am too bent down and don't have a clear vision of where the net is. I will try again tomorrow, still in slow-motion, to accelerate with ball, slow down, stop make a little move, and shoot. All along I will try to keep my head up and not to bend so much.

Any help is welcome.
Hockeylover, you should probably include in your posts that your playing in a floor hockey league; I'm willing to bet most people on these boards who do play hockey play ice/roller hockey. Does you league allow you to extend your stick above your waist? If so, try to either send power shots toward the net and hope they get deflected in. I've personally found that slapshots are very ineffective in ball hockey, as the shots are very inaccurate. Your best hope would be to hope for a deflection.

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