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09-30-2011, 02:12 AM
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Since the last CBA the playing field continues to get more even. All teams have a chance. Even the leafs could surprise and do quite well this year.
With that said having TSN say we'll win the east scares me because they are always wrong. Having most posters on this site say we'll barely grab eighth is funny because usually kites are flying pretty high around here.
Where does all that truly leave us? In my opinion a comfortable 5th. I think the Habs will start out really slow. Scary slow and then pump it up and not look back.

Play-offs? That's a tough one. Shanny will change the game this year. If it scares off the bullies Habs might be O.K. If big tough teams have their way...No chance for the HABs.

Sit back and enjoy peeps it's going to be a different game this year and I hope it benefits the small, fast and skilled guys. I'm looking forward to this season.

Trade AK soon please. He cares a lot.... No doubt about it!!!!!! But it doesn't matter when it's not all there. We need an extra pair of balls, let's use him as bait..

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