Thread: Confirmed with Link: Montreal Signs Chris Campoli..1 year/1.75M
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09-30-2011, 06:31 AM
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Originally Posted by THE HOFF View Post
yeah Im saying this before the season starts, and its as much bs as you guys saying we are fine while the season isnt started ... isnt it ? an opinion is an opinion.

well well let me rip into your post.

hate management = hate pg ? . saying he handled our dman situation poorly hardly even makes him a bad GM, they make mistakes...and I like JM ... and him ... but im not going to look the other way when I think they failed, thats all.

Spacek is not worth the money hes getting, and if the habs management wouldnt be that concerned about getting ufa players in mtl...they would have put him in the minors at least ... regardless of who gave him that contract.

wiz isnt worth the money and the suspension he has in CBJ ....but who knows how much he would have accepted to keep playing streit, or bergeron ... decent offensive dman willing to sign here which dont even get an offer.

hammer is earning 3.5 per ... you tell me who you`d have over him and for what price not the other way around... he has an honnest contract and is what washington needed to win the cup.

once again, just an opinion, sorry for not drinking the campoli cool aid ... I even like him ...

sorry for that unforgiveable mistake.

if I may, thinking PG is stuck with spacek since its gainey who signed him is just as retarded.
What would putting Spacek in the minors accomplish? His cap hit would still be there being a 35+.

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