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Originally Posted by barrytrotzsneck View Post
I haven't seen anyone advocate acquiring a true scorer at "all costs.". Poile himself has said that drafting isn't about need, it's about building assets. Can you really deny that we have a pretty impressive cupboard of picks and defensive prospects? They can't all play, so doesn't it make sense to trade from a surplus to address an area that you're not as strong? I don't expect a 30-35 goal scorer to be the panacea, but I'm not going to pretend that it wouldn't seriously help. While you're mentioning the Predators' relative "success"(as you define it) since 03/04, there is a flip side to that coin that you shouldn't neglect: one playoff round won in that time. Bottom third in scoring every year since 06-07. Bottom FIVE in power play over that time. I'm happy that we haven't been the Thrashers, to use your comparison, but as Stranger alludes, there's a such thing as adding to your team in a manner that isn't knee jerk. I haven't seen anyone suggest trading our next 4 firsts for Hartnell. The most value Ive seen mentioned for that particular player was my own proposal: Josi and O'Reilly. An injury prone defenseman that has great upside and an average center that has been mostly irrelevant at the NHL level. I'm aware that Josi is a fantastic player and it would suck to lose him, but unless he turned into an outright superstar, even if he became a great number 3, the presence of Ellis, Ekholm,Blum, Klein, and yes, Suter and Weber, makes it hurt not THAT much.

I don't even know that Hartnell is really the best answer, but I wouldn't write him off or pretend we don't need him because of what Smith or Geoffrion might do. Again--no one thinks that adding another 25 goal guy would fix everything and magically cure the power play--but the "wait and see if this year is different" approach hasn't worked, so maybe it's time to give something else a try? And making such a move doesn't put us in a category with Calgary, Atlanta, Toronto, etc--because unlike those teams, we have the core in place. We have a puzzle that seems so close to being assembled, save that one last big corner piece. And best of all, we have some Legos that we can give to our friend for that last piece so that we close the gap without opening another. Implying that trading a good prospect and an average forward would send us plummeting to the bottom of the league and down the chute to eventual relocation is really, really far to the other end of the crazy spectrum that the few calling for scoring at all costs reside on.

So, to continue the analogy--it becomes a little annoying when certain posters, time after time, post in EVERY thread discussing outside help to address scoring issues, "no, you idiots. Our puzzle looks fine. Just squint at it a little, you can barely notice the missing piece. We may not have the best looking puzzle in the room, but at least we're not one of those 5 kids over there. And no, we have to keep our Legos because I like the color, and even if they don't really have a place in the puzzle, I'd hate to have some other kid playing with them, and my dad told me that those Legos are the best, anyway."
When you say it like that, why would Philly accept the trade? Especially for a player with value like Scott Hartnell?

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