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10-26-2003, 06:28 AM
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im not saying he season is over.... what im saying is that - as of right now, this team is horrible.... now that doesnt mean that they cant start playing good hockey.... but im not so sure they will to be honest

tommy doesnt look like hes gonna turn his bad play around anytime soon at all.... dvorak, for all the hard work he has done, isnt getting any results..... our defence (other than maybe fergy and staios) has been GOD AWFUL..... our best player is 20 years old (which is both great and scary at the same time)..... we dont have a legitimate 1st line centre, hell - we dont have a legit 2nd line center either really.....we're taking penalty after penalty after penalty after penalty after penalty after, well you get the idea

about our only bright spots have been: the aforementioned 20 year old, smyth has been solid as always, cross has been a welcome surprise, ive liked staios' play as well, dvorak has actually been playing well IMO.... but really, other than these few good areas it hasnt been very encouraging

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