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Originally Posted by SML View Post
I'm in the same area. I didn't get center ice last year, but had gotten it pretty much every year previously. Time Warner cable gets authorization to show a specific number of Ranger broadcasts per season. Two years ago it was 50. Leaving 32 games you would not see making CI a no brainer. Most times I would have to watch the opponent feed. The only time I got left in the dark ws when the game was shown on an alternate, non national network, like NHL network. No game then. Even if you miss a few its worth it. By the time you go to a sports bar and have a few beers and a burger, you're into 25 or 30 buck. You do that 5 times in a year and you've broken even. You should call TW cable 8695500 and ask them how many Rangers games they will be showing this year on MSG. The other trick is that a lot of nights, standard MSG would show Buffalo, but MSGHD would show the Rangers. I've been out of the area a lot for work last year, but I have all intention of ordering it as soon as I get around to it.
That happened to me once when I was in Buffalo. NYR vs MTL was the only game the Rangers played that was on the NHL Network and not MSG, CI, NBC or VS. I called Time Warner at like 4pm (7pm start) and added that sports package to my subscription and cancelled it the next day or so. The game cost me like $0.75.

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