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09-30-2011, 09:26 AM
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This lawsuit will never work and I'll give various reasons why. (referring to the class action not just specifically the habs)

1) Canada
2) Like photo radar... can't prove who was driving. IP can't prove who was downloading. A fine is one thing but jail time or even a serious charge of any kind is very unlikely.
3) The mere fact now that a judge who rules on this will also have to rule against the Montreal Canadiens if he does choose to decide that the party who pays for the line is liable... no judge or court in Canada is going to want to touch that with a 10 foot pole.

It's simply biting off the hand that feeds really. I highly doubt anyone gets ****ed over cause of Hurt Locker. Doubt they even lose their internet access.

Originally Posted by persh View Post
Habs have DEEP pockets, I highly doubt anyone will dare taking on the team even if the potential payout is big. Those lawsuits rely on the fact that normal people dont have the resources to fight lengthy battles in court.
Exactly and the fact that they are now being lumped into this lawsuit, they have to be consistent and everyone will just say "my internet wifi was hacked".

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