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09-30-2011, 11:26 AM
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Originally Posted by Joetimo View Post
So what you're saying is no GM EVER traded up to get the prospect they thought they needed? Or maybe there was some guy named Eberle who was available instead of Pickard? The old guard of this forum has no imagination or creativity. What myself, and others, have asked is that management back up the words they have said and they haven't. We, as paying customers, deserve to have what management promised us. Oh wait I am being too radical for you. Better shut up now since I am ranting.
There are 193 drafted players that Poile could have taken in 2008 in stead of Pickard. He could have taken Anton Gufstasson or Greg Nemisz as well as Eberle ... but, drafts are such an exact science which is why so many draft picks meet expectations ... except that they don't. Poile took a highly rated goalie who so far hasn't panned out ... it happens to every team. Proposing drafting Eberle in June of 2008 would not have been a reaction to the departure of Radulov and he was only ready to make the Oilers last season ... so there still would have been two full seasons of needing an "equivalent player" for the departed Russian ... or the same hope as there is with Wilson.

Trades, no matter how much you don't like to admit it, require the other side to be willing to accept what you'd want to give up. See the Richards and Carter trades where we had plenty of defensive prospects to offer but the Flyers admitted to wanting offensive players ... we were in the hunt, but didn't have the right assets to complete the deal.

"Would have", "could have", "should have" world isn't reality ... one day you'll come to realize that. Unless you're the one working in the Preds front office in a position to make these deals, you have no control over them so there is no good in worrying about what would have happened "if only we'd done X".

Complain away and assign some more labels ... those do seem to be your talents. I'll be looking forward to the start of the regular season and enjoying the action on the ice ... it's a nice diversion from the real world some of us live in.

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