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09-30-2011, 04:58 PM
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The problem with kicking Betts to the curb means you will likely be relying on multiple rookies in key positions (barring any other moves made in trade or something). If you take Betts out of that 4C PK role, who is on the fourth line and PK?

I'm assuming Read and Schenn will be in the top 9. So the fourth line would be what, Harry Z/Rinaldo-Talbot-Nodl? So now not only are you having two rookies in the top 9, but you also have one on the fourth line. Then we look at the PK. You're guess is as good as mine in what it would be without Betts...


I just don't know if I want to be relying so heavily on rookies. This is without even considering Couturier being on the team. I know Schenn and Couturier have high ceilings, but Read, Harry Z, and Rinaldo aren't in that league. They might turn out to be perfectly suited for the roles they would be in if Betts is cut loose, but they also might crash and burn come December. Betts is cheaper (I think) and just as good as any of the other options currently on our team to be a solid 4th line center and PK guy. With Betts you know exactly what you are getting. With whomever else they throw out there in his place (on top of the multiple other rookies already looking like they are in the lineup) its a crapshoot. Betts should not be going anywhere. A fourth line of Talbot-Betts-Nodl looks a lot better to me than any alternative they come up with.

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