Thread: Confirmed with Link: Kings Sign Trent Hunter (1 Year, $600k)
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09-30-2011, 05:24 PM
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Islanders fan here. Loved trent when he was here, injuries slowed him down though. Even though you guys probably saw him a bit in training camp I thought i'd share some of my thoughts on his game:

- good shot but a bit of a slow delivery
- very succesful toe drag move that he will often utilize on 2 on 1s, 2 on 2s and 3 on 2s.
- sick board play. Really good at retrieving the puck along the boards and even better at keeping possesion of the puck with his face facing the glass.
- physical. Is not a huge hitter but he will always (and I mean always) finish his checks rather then perform the old fly by.

- shoot first (and second, and third) type of player. Not sure if this is a huge weakness but it could get aggravating after the 5th time in a pp he decides to bury a shot in shin pads rather then move the puck to a team-mate.
- as alluded to earlier he has a slow delivery on his shots and they are not incredibly accurate.
- slow skater. Probably among the 5 slowest skaters in the league, and a knee injury could not have helped.
- someone said earlier that he would replace Smyth's net front presence but that's not gonna happen. Yes he is a big body but that's just not his forte. The islanders wanted him to do the job that mark parrish did but he never took to it. I wouldn't call him a perimeter player but he prefers to fire away from around the hash marks and he's good at making space for himself there.

That's pretty much it. Sorry for typos and misspellings as I'm using my phone. If you all have any specific questions regarding him feel free to ask.

Glad for trent and I hope he does well for you guys.

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