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09-30-2011, 05:28 PM
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Originally Posted by gliff View Post
I would believe close to 200. You have to think that the 185 was BEFORE last season so in a year of weightlifting at a professional athlete level he can easily gain 15 pounds of lean muscle mass.

I'm aware that they dont do much lifting during the season but still even in 4 months of lifting you can do it.

I'm a little worried that the Ducks trainers are pushing too much for Sbisa and Fowler to get bigger. Last year I felt like Sbisa had lost some speed and quickness BUT he was crushing people with his new size so it didnt bother me. Cam lives and dies on his speed and quickness so I just hope he is keeping up with that instead of just bulking up.
Players usually drop a bit of weight during the regular season, but you're absolutely right about the off-season. Putting in the right effort will add weight pretty quickly. This especially true for a 19-year old who is still physically maturing like Fowler.

I wouldn't sweat the additional weight for Fowler. Training these days for NHL players is far, far more than going to the weight room. They train specifically for explosiveness, balance, and strength for hockey games. You'd probably be pretty surprised at some of the exercises they do along those lines.

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