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09-30-2011, 05:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Sojourn View Post
Players usually drop a bit of weight during the regular season, but you're absolutely right about the off-season. Putting in the right effort will add weight pretty quickly. This especially true for a 19-year old who is still physically maturing like Fowler.

I wouldn't sweat the additional weight for Fowler. Training these days for NHL players is far, far more than going to the weight room. They train specifically for explosiveness, balance, and strength for hockey games. You'd probably be pretty surprised at some of the exercises they do along those lines.
Oh im not ignorant to the fact that the trainers know a hell of alot more then I do about that field but it just seemed to me that he was a step slower in all the races and such during training camp. And I remember from last year that after bulking up Sbisa still has not regained that step.

Oh well, I just hope that Fowler USES the body that he is developing. IMO, he either needs to stay fast and quick and not have to use his body but if he slows down he is gonna have to change his style in the defensive end.

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