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10-26-2003, 07:28 AM
Magnus Fulgur
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The Yanks didn't play very well vs. the Marlins, but it has me wondering if the Sox would have been beaten by the Fish also. I could see Normar going 0-18 vs. their pitching, and Lowe and Pedro imploding against them in the worst possible scenario. That said, I think we would have put up a bigger fight against the Marlins despite any "moves" or "non moves" that the "manager" would want to make.

BTW, my apologies for saying I'd take Soriano over Manny.

However, I would take Torre over Little any day. Torre would never say anything idiotic like Little did about being a "ghost". And when, at anytime this year, did you see Little make a move that made you say "yeah, that's a really good idea...why didn't I think of that?" All this guy did was baby sit and make the easy moves...anything "creative" or that had his stamp on it was a dud. Showing no confidence in the bullpen to the press throughout the playoffs was pretty darn stupid too. What team was he on??? Gol'dangit...there's a reason why this guy rode the bus for decades in the minors...he's craptastic. BTW, can we have a manager that speaks English instead of Confederate next time too?

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