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Originally Posted by sa cyred View Post
50% compared to 45% is a HUGE difference, especially the more you take, the higher chance you have of lowering you % (or if your good raising it).

Faceoffs taken (Talbot has taken alot more than I thought due to pk)

Talbot last 6 years: 3470 taken 45.5% won
Betts last 6 years: 5290 taken 51.1% won

Betts had 1 season over 1000 faceoffs taken. That being said, I dont know why we are arguing about it. Betts is a sure thing to play 4th line center, while Talbot hasnt played center at all this season. Bett's has taken more faceoffs and has a significantly higher win percentage.

All I know is, if we are in the defense zone, and we need to win a faceoff, Talbot better be the last guy taking it. History has shown he has not been good.
It can't be looked at that way. Teams break it down. They look at shorthanded faceoffs, they look at right side versus left side, etc. Talbot is just as capable of winning a draw as Betts is. Talbot is also capable of playing Center.
I see Talbot as being brought in to replace what they had in Lappariere. Would Talbots be my go to guy to win a key defensive zone draw? No. But neither would Betts. Truth is that the Flyers don't have that guy. And when your looking at guys who are pretty well equal there, it's a crapshoot.

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