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09-30-2011, 08:21 PM
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Hey guys. Big Couturier fan, so was really interested to hear how he's doing in pre-season. For what it's worth, because it looked like the Sens were going to draft him for a long time there was a lot of discussion/analysis of Couturier on sports radio and in the papers here leading up to the draft. We were also particularly lucky cause we could watch him come through here in the Q's playoffs.

The point that everyone seemed to return to was that while Couturier felt he was NHL ready (and could likely contribute and grow in an NHL season), he would benefit greatly from a year of working with power skating coaches. That until that was improved he was unlikely to be able to control the flow of the game (the way people know he can). The size/strength didn't come across in junior, but his acceleration and ability to turn tightly did. The consensus opinion seemed to be that while there was little left in junior for Couturier, a year of skating coaching would help him establish himself easier in his rookie year. It's funny, Milan Lucic was the exact comparison that (I believe) McKeen's scout used for a player that might fall a bit on that knock, but who would quickly overcome the issue and look like a tremendous steal.

The other thing, cause someone mentioned 'work ethic,' I thought I heard on the radio that he had won an award for something like "most professional prospect." By all accounts that I've heard/read, he's super dedicated and approaches the game in a really clinical manner.

Anyways, just wanted to mention that I see your dilemma. We debated it for months!! But either way, when he bulks up a bit, speeds up a bit, you're going to have one heck of an outstanding hockey player there!

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