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Originally Posted by Gert B Frobe View Post
I don't think "we" is appropriate beyond the age of 16.

Originally Posted by 97FlyersKing18 View Post
The line is drawn in that all of those people, EXCEPT the fans receive a paycheck from the organization. Athletic trainers are a part of the organization because they ensure the product (the players) is in tip-top shape, just as the coaches make sure the players are prepared before a performance and the GM/scouts bring together players to the organization. Heck, the cotton candy man from Istanbul that has no idea what a puck is is far closer to "we" than even the most die-hard fan. With the current economic pitfalls of this country, we all know that a heavy majority of attendance at sporting events in today's society are corporation men that couldn't have an intellectual conversation debating the effectiveness of Scott Hartnell or Roy Halliday's Cy Young resume or could even tell you who Brian Westbrook is.

Plain and simple, don't say "we" unless you actually impact the game. Do fans score goals, make heroic saves, or fight men the size of black bears? The momentum that fans "create" is only effective if the players on the ice take advantage of opportunities to score or make a big hit. Otherwise, it is just white noise from fans that know next to nothing about the game clamoring for a quick shot on a 5on3 or cheering a big hit while the other team goes the other way on a 2on1. "They" are professional athletes that have earned the exclusive right to not being lumped into the same category as "us". With enough dedication, you can teach nearly anyone on this planet financial accounting, biology, or history, but you cannot teach a 5'3 145lb man how to be 6'4 225lbs power forward with the skill to overpower a defender and roof a 90MPH slapshot from the top of the circle.

How would you feel if you were a brain surgeon that broke through and discovered a decades worth of research and everyone at the University you worked at took credit, including the Sorostitute with a 1.6 GPA and only cared about Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga and tailgating before a football game stated to her friends at another college "We like like a huge discovery at the chemistry lab."

Get some perspective people.
That last sentence is so ****ing ironic, particularly given how ****** bat**** insane the rest of your post is.

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