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10-26-2003, 08:14 AM
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Col/SJ proposal

with san jose poor start, 3 goalies and 3 top notch centermen combined with colorado's questionable goaltender and intensive injury list to their 3rd and 4th lines does this trade have any chance in hell?

To Colorado: Evegeni Nabokov & Mike Ricci

To San Joes: Keith Ballard, Martin Skoula, 1st in 04 and Fla 2nd 04.


Martin Skoula, Was 3rd 04 for Ricci and scott parker

( i know lacroix traded him, but worrell could be gone for an extended period of time and cummins may have received another concusion last night, which is very bad considering he missed an entire season due to concusion problems.

thought, other ideas?

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