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09-30-2011, 11:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
I said yes, will have to say yes now. Though, this would not make it a perfect defense, it would add stability to a team who has to play with 2 guys with no experience at the NHL level. Hamrlik was overused last year and people decided to blame him while not taking into consideration that fact. Once Markov comes back, Hamrlike would have taken his regular spot. Hamrlik is clearly ahead of Gill at this stage and if the price was what he asked, thinking we didn't have better, I would have taken it.

NOW, it's clearly NOT the type of defense I have in mind. Yes, puckmovers are great and a must. But at one point, you also need some front of the net cleaners and bodycheckers, and guys you'd be afraid of going on their side 'cause you might be on your ass.....It takes a mix in a team to make it work. We don't have that mix on our team, which means we surely don't have it in our defense. But that would be to have a perfect team. We're not there yet.
I agree with you... Hamr is a decent option... I know he was overused (he typically was here, because he is so responsible). But he was missing more and more marks last year, and I also agree (sadly) with the sentiment that he was looking really rough at the 60 game mark.

IMO considering what Gauthier has brought in on the point... It was a good time to decide to cut him loose. I still believe in Hamr > Gill though...

Problem is, we have a lot of d that could fit in to the 2nd pairing LS, and IMO by the beginning of November, it'll be an afterthought.

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