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Originally Posted by 97FlyersKing18 View Post
The line for "we" is drawn at the point of receiving a ring for a championship. "They" as in the trainers, scouts, players and coaches all receive one, while "we" do not.

Please point me to your name on the Stanley Cup. It must be between Maurice and Henri Richard. Or is it underneath Bobby Clarke? Let me guess, it's right next to Mike Babcock? How about your plethora of Super Bowl Rings? Is your name Tom Brady? Are there any videos of your game winning Grand Slam with 2 outs in the bottom of the 9th in the World Series Game 7?

To any organization, you are an insignificant fan, that can be easily replaced. Get some perspective on sports in your life.
Hmm. So while you precede to still not make a point. I can still stay we. Its freedom of speech brotha and I personally don't care how you feel or not.

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