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Originally Posted by Pleky Roks View Post
No not yet....but what gives you the impression that he's going to be able to play 70+ games this year? The man just had 2 knee surgeries on the same knee in less than a full year....and now his knee is bothering him bad enough that he is going to miss time....who says his knee is ever going to be good enough that he can return and be the defencemen he once was?

Like I said....I love Markov and I HOPE that he can return and be as good as he was before....but there is also a very good chance that he'll never be able to play more than 30-40 games a season and be effective on the ice at all. To assume he will play a lot of games and be the same as he used to be is a stretch IMO. I hope it happens, but don't depend on it. Players have retired and ended their careers with less severe injuries....just sayin.
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