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10-26-2003, 09:10 AM
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Originally Posted by #37-#93-#27
What do you mean who cares? It's the only thing we can go by. You're missing the point.

Every team has 3 blue chippers, Tjutin, Moore, Blackburn..
Jessiman, Baranka were first and second round picks from this past year respectively, every team obviously has those who are just unknowns at this point..
Jonasen is a sleeper but again, every team has those..

The difference is other teams have a lot more of those and the significance there is not every prospect develops. If we're lucky 1 will develop to his full potential, if we're lucky 2-3 will even become NHLers. If our prospect pool had any depth at all the chances that we get players out of them increases tremendously. We're getting better <b>now</b> but for the last 3 years Sather did not give a crap about our prospects, their development or our farm.
whatever. what great prospect has sather traded other than zidlicky and he is a european vetaran. sather has rebuilt a farm system into something we can all be proud of. i know its in vogue thing on these boards to bash sather but i will not take part in it. everytime there is a negative sather post ill be the one pointing out the postives because there are many. the problem with the rangers the past 3 years were coaching. sather realized this and got the best guy for the job. himself. what will everybody say when sather has the team soaring by january? you guys cant give tom rennay credit for everything

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