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Originally Posted by CrimsonSkorpion View Post
Never did take it personal. I'll rib you from time to time, but no feelings were hurt.

Just next time, when NHL 13 comes out, form your club with Bekbe from the start. Nothing more frustrating then seeing everyone join up and get all excited and have fun, only to see things split up after just one month. You guys already knew this from NHL 11, so it's not like it was a surprise that there would be a rotation of players or lack of chemistry between some.
I don't think it was the intent to be honest. Last year we formed WET to win elite. This year we just want to be elite. I don't care if we lose playoffs or whatever. I just find HF Habs is too good of a team to be PRO. It's frustrating because we all know eachother, a lot of us have a mic and communicate in-game and out of game and we all get along, then we screw up in game. I think people consider it like i'm trying to kill your fun. It's not the intent at all. People mistake us for people who think winning is all you need to do to have fun. Nah, we just wanna be competitive. I hate losing for stupid plays. You hear me a lot of times on the mic laughing when we get a penalty or get scored on, cuz it happens, you hook a guy while forechecking 1 on 1, dude, it's fine, you were trying to get a breakaway, i'll laugh at bad luck and it was a good play though, even tripping on a breakaway, it's life. I don't understand doing hipchecks to guys without pucks when we're down 1 goal. It's hilarious, I'll say that much, but focus on winning then save the trolling for when you're in a position to play as a troll or whatever. Case in point, WTFp. We all know he trolls on the ice, he's a former master of hits from behind, but when we play to win, the guy is the most disciplined guy on the team. Anyway, I know it seems like I'm taking a shot at you guys but it's not the case. I know very very well if I asked you, or hanni or JB or whoever to join the team, you'd play solid D, or FWD. There's no doubt in my mind. I even spoke to bekbe this morning about wanting to add the HF regulars only. The first guys I thought of were the obvious, Watsatheo, you, hanni, JB and allurey. You're the most active, then there's guys like eki and fel, who are active but it's fair to say you guys play more. Problem is, I add you, I add hanni, then I add JB, then I add extras and extras and we're a 20 man team.

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