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Originally Posted by WanderingCapsFan View Post
I agree with much of what you say. I admit Bondra is a borderline-at-best HOFer.

This thread is about the rafters. Are there too many #'s up there now? Yes. But what is the criteria? If Gartner is up there, then Bondra easily should be. Retired #'s should be about what you did with that team. Bondra has 75 more goals with the Capitals than Gartner. Bondra led the Capitals in goals 8 times, Gartner 5 times.

Is it because Gartner is a HOFer? That's crappy criteria. Why isn't Larry Murphy's # retired then? Will we retire 68 when Jagr goes into the HOF (put a bullet in my brain!)?

I think we should take down everything except 5 (and maybe 32). But with what is up there now, 12 should be a no-brainer.
I definitely feel Bondra deserves his number to be retired by the Caps, and I feel the same way about Kolzig. I don't feel a player need to be a HoFer to deserve to have his number retired by a franchise. Langway was a no brainer for that, and the HoF, and I feel Hunter, Bondra, and Kolzig are all in pretty much the same category. Gartner played almost 10 of his 19 NHL seasons in DC and he was very good during those years so I am ok with his jersey being retired but it is pretty borderline IMO, though he is a without a doubt HoFer. Labre I have no idea why they did that.

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