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10-01-2011, 08:58 PM
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Originally Posted by OriginJM View Post
Some ******* grabbed my girlfriend's head and shook her hat around for a second after the Phillies scored tonight, the thing is she's a Cardinals fan. I looked at him and he me told to shut up, so I called him a ****ing dick and told him to apologize to her and not touch her again and he instantly wanted to fight me. Everyone calmed it down and his friend told him to stop. She wanted to leave right after because he sat right behind her to the left and she didn't feel comfortable anymore. I don't understand why people do this **** sometimes. Say anything you like, but never touch, push, or throw things at another team's fan.
i feel for you and this type of behavior shouldnt be tolerated, but the answer to question your is usually alcohol.

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