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Originally Posted by Souvenirs View Post
Gorges took on Malone because he was already on the ice and right next to him. If we had an enforcer, he probably wouldn't have been on the ice at that moment.

It's such a silly argument anyway: enforcers don't prevent hits. They can avenge them, but they can't prevent them. When we had Laraque, it didn't stop the Sauer-Kostitsyn hit. Chara, Thornton and Lucic couldn't prevent what happened to Marc Savard and Nathan Horton.

I would like to see more toughness on our roster, but this is useless whining. Our team pulled off a satisfactory performance, but all people do here is cry more about not having an enforcer? Come the **** on.
Here. I will say it one last time to hopefully end the red herring arguments.

Enforcers do not stop elbows to the head. Never have. Never will.

Now that I got that out of the way, the reality facing the Habs this season is the rest of the NHL knows that they can run our skill players.

I didnt say elbows to the head. No, they can run Price in the hopes of taking his out of his game. They can run Pleks. They can drop the gloves with Kostitsyn. They can target any player that they want to without reprecussions.

Enforcers do not stop elbows to the head.

An enforcer/tough guy would have gone after Malone for knocking Price over. Same for Downey when he pushed our player onto Price. Same for Downey when he went after Kostitsyn. That type of retribution, revenge, retaliation........whatever word you want to use........will make players think twice about going after skilled players. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Enforcers do not stop elbows to the head.

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