Thread: Prospect Info: Tinordi Video (Hit and Fight)
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10-02-2011, 10:44 AM
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Originally Posted by googlymoogly View Post
Late hit? the guy just passed the puck, the hit was perfect timing and he used his shoulder cleanly no dirty elbow or nothing. Can he be left to grow into his body for two more seasons, then he'll be doing the same to NHL men. This guy needs to pack on another 10-25 pounds and he'll make opposing forwards tentative in entering the offensive zone.

Edit: You can see Corrado grabbing towards linesman to get in and save him. Kudos to Corrado as he pulled a Gorges and stuck up for his team mate but the play was clean so really it's one of those jumping a guy that gave a good hit deal.
That's why I said somewhat. It's a legal, but it's not a useful hockey play, because the guy has already completed his pass. It's dishing out the pain, ans while I like seeing that, he could've been watching the guy hanging behind for a breakaway instead. Had that guy scored, the hit would've been useless. And again, I dearly hope that he does this to NHL players eventually, but this video doesn't get me too excited.

Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Let just say that the hit was impressive. Good timing, not to the head, solid and timely hit.

But people the fight....there's nothing to it. He took a 6'0'' already bad fighter into a ragdoll....okay....That's just like saying Ryan Malone is an awesome fighter just because he ate Gorges alive....

I think that what we have to love reading is a tweet I read about Tinordi looking incredibly composed and with a lot of poise. THAT's crucial this year. Don't care how many points he gets, but he needs to DOMINATE defensively. Nothing less.

Just hope that the ones excited by this are not the same ones who are mentioning that our Habs are perfect as it is....Personnally, I can't wait to see Tinordi doing that with us...along with 5 or 6 others.
Exactly, I never doubted that Tinordi could pummel junior players, but what I want to hear is that he's making strides in his defensive game.

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