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10-26-2003, 10:30 AM
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Originally Posted by ttnorm
Solid report, OC. You are really quite good at this stuff.

The territorial problems thta Q has been having the last 4 games finally caught up with them on the socreboard.

Had to laugh hearing Suter jawing with Morrison across the pen boxes following the roughing calls late in the game. Suter: "You are 23 years old and going nowhere". Silly Ryan! Morrison is only 21.

Yea that was some funny stuff. I loved it when Suter call him, well I won't say the word being a staff member. Also when he was saying to him, "look where you play. Quinnipaic, Where the hell is Quinnipaic anyway?"

I thought the MacMurchy kid was very good. I also like Bourque, I thought he used his size well in both games, but I don't remember watching him last year. Winchester was the only guy that stuck out in the 2 games I saw of UWiss last year.

The fans at UWiss were great. That must have been a fun game to be at. What a difference a year makes. Last year Wiss stunk bad. I watched them play a home and home with UAA and it was tough to sit through those games.

But that kid on Quinn. who kept running the goalie, what a jerk. They should have done something to him to send a message that you can't do that crap.

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