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Originally Posted by BaseballCoach View Post
Can't deter much for the other 60 games, though.

I can imagine the subsequent discussion by the goon fans.

"Maybe we could play him a bit more, say 50, no 60, no 78 games.

And maybe he could stop acting like a *****cat and waiting for others to hit our guys and go be pro-active, rough up the other team a bit.

I mean if John Ferguson could do it and be part of 5 Stanley Cup championship teams, why not a guy like Godard? He has so much more value than a guy like Tom Pyatt, for instance."
The thing is John Ferguson was a good hockey player. Godard is just a goon with no other skill Fergy could play the game and he scored goals to prove it.

Originally Posted by habsjunkie2 View Post
I disagree, but it's not even part of the discussion. What do you when he runs the goaliie and the ref doesn't call it? Say go ahead, the ref will get you next time. Or what do you do when he is slashing a player in the face on the ground with his stick if the ref does nothing, say go ahead, the ref will get you next time? What about when he attacks our Star dman for a clean hit? I don't mind gill's reaction there, but it's unlikely to make Malone think twice, or how about when Downie drops the gloves with AK and procedes to hit him for no other reason than he could?
The refs were terrible on those plays, you can see Malone escalating more and more because they did not penalize him for anything.

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