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10-02-2011, 02:06 PM
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Here, I have a proposal:

Let's look at all cheapshots from every game this season. The season starts this coming week, so we can handle the entire year. We'll have a thread where we note (in the OP) every cheapshot, every suspension, and every injury that is the result of a cheapshot. We'll note the team making the cheapshot, and the team receiving the cheapshot, noting any goons/fighters, and whether any fights took place during the game (if we feel this information would be necessary). We'll also note the score, just for kicks.

Ultimately, the purpose of gaining team toughness is to:

1. Deter cheapshots
2. Avoid intimidation that may affect productivity

So by tracking all of this across the league, we may come to have some stats to back the pro or con argument. We'll see some correlation.

Instead of this perpetual back-and-forth which, as we've seen, is terribly unproductive, we'll actually be working together to collect some stronger sense of what's going on in the NHL.

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