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10-02-2011, 02:17 PM
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The reason we argue is that there are two different concepts here.

- Physical play (strong hits, finishing checks in a legal manner, energy, winning the 1 on 1 battles, getting the opponent to be intimidated and avoid contact to a).

- Cheapshots - stuff intended to harm someone out of the game.

Now - you have two other options: Enforcers vs Team Toughness.

Things we should all agree on:

- Physical play is needed. Physical play wins games, even at the Olympics. Physical play is enjoyable to watch.

- Cheapshots are evil. They serve no purpose. They limit or end careers. While they cause fear and (somehow) rivalries, noone wants them to stay.

- Team toughness is good for improving your team's physical play.

The topics to be discussed:

- Do enforcers actually increase physical play ? can be debated.

- Do enforcers prevent cheapshots ? IMO not so far.

- Does physical play from your team attract cheap shots against your team ? Since the opponent is irritated and finds no other way to answer ? Interesting issue considering the Bruins history.

- Does severe punishment against illegal hits reduce cheapshots ? hopefully - that's the whole point they're doing.

- Does severe punishment against illegal hits lower the physicality of the play ? No proof for that but that's the main fear of some fans and even GMs.

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