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10-02-2011, 03:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Cleary84 View Post
Did you really have to dissect that? He is a professional athlete who signed a $69 million contract and enjoys a cool pad with tons of stuff that is totally acceptable for a 26-year-old millionaire - and he's a neat freak, so what? He better spoil himself with that kind of cash and fame.

Idk, maybe I'm reading into your post a bit much.
Did you really have to dissect my post like that? haha

I think that yes... maybe you are reading too much into my post... I was just making conversation on a thread like I thought we were supposed to do... I commented that the place was clutter free, meaning neat and not a real lot of things beyond what he felt was the main items; not in any way meant to be a knock... just a light hearted comment about how he was selective and far from a man cave type person, really a compliment I think.

I stated that a person could naturally get spoiled by so many expensive toys but he deserved it all from his hard work and his great talent... In no way was I being derogatory towards him -- if it came across that way I deeply apologize -- and I made a little joke about his sneakers just laying there amid all his otherwise fine and neat furnishings... please forgive my moment of what I thought was a humorous observation.

I guess I should have merely posted something like, "Cool pad"... or maybe alluded to his partying ways like so many threads have before this one.

... Why the **** am I forced to defend an innocent post?

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